Acne & Acne Scar Laser Treatments

At SkinScience, we offer effective, non-surgical treatments that correct and soften acne scars and active acne. Our resurfacing laser technology produces amazing results with minimal downtime. Our treatment options include:

Since each case is unique, we can tailor a treatment package that’s perfectly tailored for each individual. Our staff is especially sensitive to the needs of teens and can tailor a plan for clients of any age.

Results with Minimal Downtime

Our laser technology is ideal for people who want healthy, revitalized skin with minimal downtime! When you make Skin Science your choice for professional acne or acne scar laser treatments, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in the hands of highly trained and skilled laser technicians. Make your appointment today!

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No One Should Have To Live With
Acne Or Acne Scarring.

Acne, an incredibly common condition caused by inflammation of the skin’s oil producing sebaceous glands, can frequently leave behind unflattering marks on one’s face years after it has passed. Active acne and acne scars can make many people feel incredibly self conscious and anxious to go out in public. At Skin Science, we offer comprehensive active acne and acne scar laser treatments to help clients address their concerns and put their best face forward!*

Our Sciton® BBL™ and Halo Fraxel Laser and Micro Laser Peel can be used independently or in combination to treat the most challenging cases.*

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