(BBL Treatment)

BroadBand Phototherapy, otherwise known as a photofacial, helps to restore
a youthful, vibrant glow to your face, neck,
chest, shoulders, back, and hands!

A new technology in skin care, BBL treatment is an outstanding way to improve the look and feel of skin that has aged prematurely as a result of sun damage and other environmental exposure. BBL can be customized to address your desires as well as the unique needs of your skin.
The BBL photofacial can help a variety of conditions:
How does BBL work?

BroadBand photo (or light) therapy works by gently heating the top layers of skin. The heat helps stimulate the growth of new skin cells and collagen a process that helps restore skin to a healthy, even, smooth, younger look and feel.

BroadBand light therapy can be combined with other skin treatments and laser skin therapies for exceptional results.

Most clients who have BBL treatment suggest it feels like having a warm rubber band snapped against their skin. In most cases, no topical anesthetic is needed; however, sensitive areas can be treated with a topical anesthetic as needed to ensure comfort.

Treatment with BroadBand light therapy usually takes 30 minutes in our Naperville office, depending on the size of the area to be treated. BBL can be used on most areas of the body, although the most popular are the face, neck, chest and hands.

Recovering from broadband therapy

After a photofacial, you will likely experience minor redness that will resolve within a few hours. Certain conditions such as pigmented lesions are likely to darken, and then fade and slough off over several days.*

As with any laser skin care treatment, you should avoid direct sunlight immediately after your procedure and apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more whenever you are outside.

Most clients return to their normal activities, including wearing makeup, immediately after BBL therapy.*

Photofacials are ideal for people who want healthy, revitalized skin with no downtime!*

Smoother skin, diminished fine lines, faded sunspots, more even skin tone and color, and less noticeable pores will be visible after only 1 treatment with BBL technology. The extent of improvements in your skin will depend on your skin type, the conditions you have treated, and the number of treatments you receive.*

*Disclaimer: With BBL treatments, there is no guarantee of specific results and the results may vary.

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Patients and Results

12 days after 2 Forever Young BBL treatments
2 weeks after 2 Forever Young BBL treatments
3 weeks after 1 Forever Young BBL treatment
9 months after 3 Forever Young BBL treatments
9 weeks after 3 Forever Young BBL treatments
1 month after 1 Forever Young BBL treatment
8 months after 1 Forever Young BBL treatment
2 months after 2 Forever Young BBL treatments

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